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Do I need to provide medical information? The NY State Board of Health requests the information contained in these forms in September. If your child is up-to-date on immunizations, your physician can complete this form (or use their own) without an appointment. You will receive this form from us during the summer, but you can receive a medical form from our office at anytime.

What if my child has allergies? The medical form will also ask for information about these two important concerns. Please ensure that we receive this information before your child starts school.

Please note that we strive to maintain a Nut-Free environment due to the increase and severity of this allergy in young children. Any food products brought into CPS must not contain nuts or be processed in a plant that processes nuts.

What if my child becomes sick or is injured at preschool? Each of our staff members is trained in Community First Aid and in CPR. However, in spite of care and supervision, we all know that children sometimes suffer injuries during play and that children can become ill at anytime during their day. To ensure that we can adequately reach someone in an emergency, we require not only your phone numbers, but two additional emergency numbers on your registration form. If these numbers should change, you need to inform us immediately. Our procedure for medical illness or emergencies is as follows: When your child does not feel well, we will call you with the numbers you have provided so you may come and take your child home. We will also notify you of any minor injuries.

You need to know that more serious injuries/illnesses require medical attention we cannot give. If it is a serious emergency, the child will be taken by ambulance with the Director and/or the child's teacher to the emergency room and you and your child's doctor will be notified, again with the information you have provided. Please know that it is rare for such a serious emergency to occur.

Please Remember: Since we depend on the information you provide in an emergency, it is important that you keep all emergency information updated throughout the school year.

What are the preschool's illness policies? You need to call the pre-school office whenever your child is going to be absent. Some guidelines for when to call in sick are listed below and continued on the next page.

  • If a temperature climbs to 100 degrees or more the night before pre-school or if you suspect your child is unwell that morning.

  • If your child vomits or has diarrhea.

  • If your child has a rash.

  • If your child complains of a stomach ache, earache, or headache and is in discomfort

  • If your child has a yellow or green discharge from the nose

  • If a medication is making your child tired and irritable

  • If your child did not sleep well the night before

Most of these guidelines are common sense. Just remember, if your child was not feeling well the night before, they will not feel any better at school the next day. Even when a child seems fine first thing in the morning and wants to come to pre-school, it is always just a matter of time before they begin to feel unwell again as the day progresses. You need to know that because of this, and because we want to ensure the health of your child as well as the other children in our program, we expect the following:

  • If your child is sent home from pre-school because of illness, you are expected to keep him/her home an additional 24 hours before returning

  • If you have called our office on any given morning to let us know your child is ill, we will not expect to see him/her for an additional 24 hours.

We also need to know about any contagious illnesses (i.e., Fifth's Disease, Chicken Pox, etc.) so we can inform our other families that their children have been exposed.

What if my child takes medication? It is not our policy to administer medications. Please make arrangements to have medications administered before or after pre-school.

What if a child in school has lice? Outbreaks of lice are found periodically in all public, private, and parochial preschools. While these outbreaks do not occur on a regular basis, we still need to let you know our procedure should we find any child has lice.

  • Once lice are found, we will inform you by phone or in a private conversation.

  • Then, as required by the Board of Health, we need to inform our other families by letter that their children have been exposed to lice. Your child's name will not be mentioned in that letter.

  • You will be asked to keep your child home until all lice and nits have been removed from your child's hair. Your child will then need to be rechecked before he/she can enter the classroom again.

Please do not be embarrassed. The finding of lice does not reflect upon your cleanliness or parenting. We will all work together to control any infestations. There is an organization right in our area called Lice Enders that will help you ensure your child is free from lice. We can give you information about contacting this organization.

Your doctor is also a good and necessary contact. In some schools, children keep their outer clothing in a plastic bag when it is in a cubby as a precaution. You are welcome to do this at Christian Pre-School.

What should my child wear to preschool? For safety purposes, we ask that your child should wear non-skid shoes or sneakers. It is hard for a child to engage in all activities if shoes are uncomfortable and/or do not protect their feet. Please remember that your child will be playing hard and using all types of art materials. For this reason, we ask that you dress your child accordingly. We will not be responsible for paint or dirt on new or expensive outfits. In addition, each child should always have at least one spare set of clothing at pre-school. This should be kept in a box in your child's cubby. Be sure to change this clothing as your child grows and as the seasons change.

In the winter months, we do try to get outside as much as possible. Therefore, please dress your child in a warm coat, hat, mittens, boots and snow pants during these months.

It is most important that you label all removable clothing (i.e., sweaters, mittens, jackets, etc.) so we are sure of ownership. Children often have the same belongings, and it is helpful if we know which child actually owns the item.

What are the preschool's discipline policies? As role models for your children, we want to encourage their development of self-control by modeling and expecting appropriate behaviors. Our interactions with your child will model the warmth, trust, enjoyment, respect, and cooperation that is needed in a classroom environment and in our communities.

Discipline involves establishing rules to help maintain a safe atmosphere, a sense of order and to give boundaries that protect and comfort. These rules help prevent children from injuring themselves, others, and any equipment or materials.

When a problem occurs, we will work with the child on communication and problemsolving skills until he/she is able to resolve the situation by him/herself without our intervention. When this is not possible, the child is removed from the situation and given time to calm down or gain control in a quiet, more private space. Once the child is calm and has control, we will discuss the situation, and then the child is brought back into the classroom.

We reserve the right to remove a child from our program when behaviors and/or conditions are beyond the abilities of our staff and/or what is in the best needs of your child. The behaviors and/or conditions that might make this action necessary are listed below.

  • Children who are unable to be separated from their primary care provider within a reasonable amount of time

  • Children who hurt themselves or others on an on-going basis

  • Children who intentionally damage property on a consistent basis

  • Children who have medical, emotional, or educational needs that are beyond the experience, knowledge, and/or abilities of our staff and do not have a SEIT with them during their time with us.

In such instances, you will be informed verbally and by letter before the steps to remove your child is taken. All effort will be made to resolve any concerns before this final step is taken. Be assured, this occurs very rarely.

What security is in place at your preschool?  As a family member, you have the right to visit our school at any time. However, for your child's safety, all doors are locked and playground areas are fenced in. If you need to enter the building, please ring the doorbell and someone from our staff or the church office will open the door for you. The doors will be open upon arrival and departures, and a staff member will be present at any open door.  During school hours all doors are locked.  Additionally, the front door is monitored by camera, and the sdie door is alarmed.

You need to let the office know if someone else will be picking up your child. We will not release a child unless the office has been notified in advance. We will need to receive a note from you with the name of the person picking up your child. In the event of a non-custodial parent visit, a written notification from a representative of the courts must be on file in the office authorizing impromptu visitation rights.

Our classes move as a unit from one area to another. A teacher and/or assistant always accompanies students at any other time. (i.e., bathroom, etc.).

The children also participate in two fire drills during the school year with one time in the fall and one time in the spring.

How should I handle separation from my child? We know the first day is a happy but anxious day for your family. We will work through the separation process with you. For some children the transition between home and school will be an easy one, but others will need a little time to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. It is hard to predict how your child will react to this new experience. And remember, each year is a new experience for them! The best advice we can give you is to have your child get a good nights sleep the night before and to establish a regular routine for school mornings so no one feels rushed or anxious. Once you get here, we will help you through the rest!

The very first day of pre-school is one hour long. During that hour, we will have refreshments set up in our Church Library (located upstairs near the stairway). This gives you a place to wait close by, an opportunity to meet some other parents, and a time to ask any questions that you may have that day.

What should my child bring to preschool? Each child will have a cubby of their own. Everything you bring to school should be labeled with your childs name and put in his/her cubby. On the first day, you will bring:

  • A small shoebox container with a change of clothes including socks and any diapers, pull up or wipes needed. (remember to change these during the year with the seasons and as your child grows).

  • Your child's photograph

  • A backpack, which you should check each day for any reminders/notices we may put inside. Any projects, artwork, or papers from the writing center will also be put inside this bag.

Can my child bring toys from home? We understand that some children may need to bring a transitional object to school the first day, but as the year progresses these toys can become a problem. They also have a way of getting lost once they are in the classroom and your childs teacher cannot be responsible for the care of these toys. After the first week, we will ask that any toys from home be left there. We will have plenty for your child to do once he or she is here.

How can I be more involved in my child's preschool experience?

Join us for back to school night. This evening presents an opportunity for you to meet the staff, hear information about the coming year, and to get acquainted with other families. You will also be able to visit your child's classrooms and draw your child a picture that he/she can find in his/her cubby on the first day. Information on the date and time for this night will be mailed to you during the summer months.

Volunteer to be a class parent and use your class roster. A good way to become more involved is to offer to be a class parent.  You will act as a liason between the teacher and the other parents and will be asked to assist with events and activities.  All parents will receive a roster listing all classes, students, parents, and phone numbers in your summer mailing. You can use this roster to make play-dates, speak with other families, or to switch your family aide dates. Unlisted numbers will not be placed on this roster, but the office will be glad to get in touch with the family for you.

Volunteer to help with community service events and fundraisers or to share a special skill or talent you have. We have regular community service events and fundraisers which often require us asking for help from the parents.  We try to engage our students in meaningful community service such as soap collections, toothbrush collection and food drives to benefit various organizations which help people in need.  Our biggest fundraising event is our Annual Spring Benefit.  We also welcome parents or other family members with special skills or talents to make an arrangement to come in and share with our children.  In the past we have had pizza making, African drumming, bagpipes, Irish step dancing, and various arts and crafts projects.

Work your family aide dates.  Our families participate as assistants in the classroom 3 or 4 times during a pre-school year. Your family will receive your dates for the entire year in our summer mailing. It is your responsibility to put these dates on your calendar and make arrangements to have someone here on your assigned dates. Please do not call the office to make any alternate arrangements for you, except in an emergency.  If you have not made arrangements to be here and/or we have not heard from you, you will be billed a fee for this inconvenience to the pre-school.

How will I find out about weather related closings and delays? Our pre-school may have to close or delay due to severe weather, unsafe conditions, etc. If weather such as snow or black ice is the culprit, we usually follow the same closings as the public school system. If they delay for two hours or more, we close. If they delay for one hour, we begin at 10:00 am. You can obtain information on closings/delays from our answering machine, by e-mail if you are on our e-mail list; on our website and on our Facebook page.

You have been your child's first teacher. We now want to continue to help your child grow and learn in a caring environment. We welcome your contact with us regarding your child at any time!